Muller & Caulfield Architects designs buildings and spaces to satisfy our clients.  We listen to and learn from our clients, observe their day to day operations and unvoiced needs, and bring our own ideas and knowledge of buildings and the urban environment.  The resulting dialogue leads to effective design solutions that may surprise us both.
We design to enhance the harmony and beauty of existing landscapes and communities.  This is what we mean by “contextual design”.  Our buildings, which are not designed in identifiable "styles" may echo elements of existing neighboring buildings in a way that makes the entire neighborhood look better.
We design to express the owner’s identity and the place of the building in the culture of the community.
We design buildings to be edges as well as objects.  Buildings can and should be used to provide significant outdoor spaces. We find that ambiguous edges such as arcades, trellises, and bridges that blur the distinctions between buildings and outdoor spaces can produce a lively sense of place.