In the early years of Rosemary Muller's practise, she developed the Issue-Based Design Process as a way to avoid the frustration of developing a design which satisfied the needs of our immediate client, but later required major revisions when those who needed to approve the design had different design objectives. 

Our experience has shown that design decisions must be made carefully and in the right order and with all stakeholders involved to avoid costly design changes later on and to give our clients what they need.

Our Issue-Based Design Process is a method of integrating our own design and decision making with our client’s decision making process. By recognizing and planning for our client’s own in-house decision making we can make sure we give clients the information they need to make timely choices.

We try to make the biggest decisions early. Our experience has been that decisions made early in the design process are actually the most important and far reaching in their effect on both the cost and overall efficiency of the project. We refer to the issue-based schedule at each client meeting to remind all participants where we are in the process, what decisions have already been made, and what will happen next.