finished ramp
EBMUD Summit Reservoir
Berkeley, CA

East Bay Municipal Utility District

Conceptual Design for EIR

$22 - 33 Million

2010 (Conceptual Design for EIR)


EBMUD charged Muller & Caulfield Architects, in association with Dillingham Associates, to develop community consensus on a preferred design solution for a new 3.5 million gallon (3.5 MG) concrete tank. Since the new tank will be considerably smaller than the existing reservoir, much of EDMUD's real estate is available for earth and landscape screening. We provided a coherent and attractive design that complies with many limiting design factors, not all of which were known initially. These included: physical constraints (topography, existing dams, drainage, soils), operational and functional constraints (including construction phasing), environmental constraints (views, aesthetics, planting), and specific neighborhood community requests.
The final design includes phasing, a temporary tank, a new pumping plant, breaching of the existing dam, and reuse of some materials from the existing reservoir. Our conceptual design report will be included as a part of the EIR.

Design View from a neighboring residence. Custom visualizations can be produced quickly from our 3D model.