Alameda, CA
As the "temporary" library would continue in its role for a five or six years, our Interim Main Library had to be as graceful to its patrons and function as well as a "permanent" Main Library during the construction adminstration phase.

City of Alameda

Programming, Space Plan, Conversion




Our goal for the City of Alameda was to provide a functional library with cost effective aesthetics which would respect the Alameda Library system's historic tradition. The Interim Main Library, which is located in the West Wing of the Central Building of the historic Alameda High School, is intended to serve patrons for five year to six years. Muller & Caulfield was selected to complete this project in the most efficient, economical, and historically sensitive manner.

Our review of the existing building plans determined structural constraints on the placement of the heavy library stacks. We also determined which portions of the existing walls were more economical to retain because of existing structural elements, pipes or electrical panels and which existing building systems could be reused. Using this information, we developed the space plan for the new library board and the community.

The historic Alameda High School is a wonderful setting for the Interim Main Library. The building itself has charm, offers fabulous natural light and is more than adequately sized. Although the facility is temporary didn't mean that it had to be purely utilitarian.