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Access Ramps

Hratch Kouyoumdjian Associates Consulting Engineers (prime)

Port of Oakland

Code Evaluation, Programming, Full Architectural Services

$4 million


The primary aesthetic challenge involved architectural style: how to connect the ticketing building, with its vaulted concrete shell roof, to the concessions building, with its tall concrete umbrella roof. And how to connect the concessions building to the glitzy metal concourse building.


The airport ramps project required remodeling of two connector buildings that connect the three main buildings of Terminal One: the ticketing building, the concessions building and the concourse. Included in the remodeling were an enlarged international gate lounge, remodeled restrooms, a new first aid treatment center, flight information kiosks, phone rooms and other service areas for travelers.

Our task was to bridge the aesthetics between the buildings with new ramp structures that comply with ADA requirements. This was accomplished by creating a new high vaulted roof over the ramp structure so that the edge of the vaulted shells is visible from the ramp. This creative solution provided a unique and cost effective way to blend the needs created by ADA requirements, as well as providing natural daylight and a focal point for deplaning passengers.