According to surveys conducted by the American Institute of Architects, we are a High-tech Firm, in the top 25% of architectural firms in technological sophistication. At Muller & Caulfield you'll get to use the latest Apple hardware, scanners, color printers, high speed DSL Internet connections, and other technological goodies.

Do you hate AutoCAD? So do we! We use ArchiCAD, a sophisticated and powerful 3D package that can take our projects seamlessly from initial bubble diagrams through design and 3D visualization and presentation renderings and then into construction documents that are automatically generated from the 3D model. Don't worry, it's user friendly and easy to learn.

At Muller & Caulfield we don't have CAD specialists. Instead, we all use it, even Rosemary. We'll give you the tools to produce beautiful 3D images yourself, rather than leaving it to specialists. We even do our own in-house animated walkthroughs of our projects.