Founded Muller & Associates in 1976.  She has  received the ultimate compliment of her profession, a Fellowship from the American Institute of Architects.  Licensed as both an architect and engineer, and with impressive hands-on computer skills, she is nevertheless focused on the big picture of using architecture to solve real problems of real clients.  Her design of Thousand Oaks School won two design awards before construction even began.

Rosemary Muller, FAIA

Rosemary worked with Tom Caulfield, architect for the GTU Library, from 1993 until Tom's death in fall 2007. She carries on the legacy.

Our clients know that they will be tested by low-bid contractors, second-guessed by boards of directors, politicians and the general public, and that their buildings will be subject to hard use over a long period of time.  They know that their future maintenance budgets may be limited.  More than half of our current clients are repeat clients.  They know they can get what they need from Muller & Caulfield Architects.

Demanding projects

Our clients like our ability to work together with them as a team.  We listen to and learn from our clients.  The resulting dialog frequently leads to innovative design solutions that may surprise us both.

Team approach