Design focus

Our Design Philosophy supports our client-centered approach.  We believe that good design does not conflict with solving client needs. 


As dedicated consensus builders we bring together fractious special-interest groups--politicians, historic preservationists, business people, community groups.  We use our Issue-based Design Process to develop consensus as we work with our clients to make decisions and obtain approvals.


We meet impossible deadlines. Our process tackles schedule problems in four different ways: by helping our clients extend deadlines imposed on them by funding agencies; by recognizing and planning for our clients' in-house decision making process; by making sure we give clients the information needed to make timely choices; and by doing our own work on schedule.


We accurately predict construction costs.  Working with professional cost estimators we are able to estimate within a very small range the bid prices of our projects.  We also use the cost estimating process to tailor the scope of the construction work being designed to the owners's budget.


Our clients know they can pick up the phone and reach us.  The Muller & Caulfield staff is trained and empowered to work together as a team to ensure that client concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.